Make this school year the best school year ever ! Go Back to School NATURALLY by using these DIY products to stay healthy and be chemical free! :)

As you know, I am a teacher by day, blogger by night.  That means that in late summer, my mind starts working to prepare for the upcoming Back-to-School season and how to breeze through it NATURALLY for teachers, students, and parents alike! If you fit into this category, and you too want to have a healthy season without the use of synthetic-chemicals, you have come to the right place!  I worked hard to arm myself with several different DIY Back-to-School products using essential oils that help my classroom stay clean, fresh, and safe!  This season can be an expensive time of year when it comes to buying new supplies and equipment for school.  All of these healthy DIY Back-to-School products will save you tons of cash and take only a few minutes to make! So get smart on your health, and get moving on making this the HEALTHIEST school year ever!  Here’s how to get Back to School NATURALLY… Using Essential Oils to Stay Healthy…

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With nearly 30 students in my classroom, things can get a bit “funky” to say the least.  So much breathing, hands, and bodies can create a less than sanitary situation for all! I do not believe in using potentially harmful cleaning products, many of which contain synthetic-chemicals and ingredients that I can’t pronounce, in the environment that my students and myself are in many hours a day.  I use these DIY Back -to-School products that use the power of essential oils, to get Back to School NATURALLY!

These DIY Sprays Using Essential Oils  to help clean and sanitize surfaces such as decks, tables, pencil sharpeners, and chairs.  

Ridding your world of synthetic chemicals?Here are Ways to Use Essential Oil Sprays in the classroom & home! Cleaning & freshening has never been SO easy!



I originally made this for my car, but students make these and hang them in the room for some fresh smelling air!  DIY Natural Air Freshener    

Make this DIY Car Air Freshener to ensure you are breathing in something safe! Scented by Young Living Essential Oils of your choice. Make a mobile spa!


Students and teachers can keep their hands fresh and clean when using these DIY Natural Hand Wash Wipes

These DIY Hand and Body Wash Wipes are synthetic chemical free and soften and moisturize your hands while cleaning them! Great for travel and camping too!

Keep hands clean with this SAFE DIY Hand Cleaner Gel

Make this powerful and effective DIY Natural Hand Sanitizer to eliminate harmful contaminants! Great for use with kids, students, teachers, and travelers!

To order your own Young Living Essential Oil Premium Starter Kit and start on your journey of chemical free living , click HERE.  It is time…..:)

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