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Green Tea Smoothie

green tea smoothie

Simple. Subtle. Smooth.  This Green Tea Smoothie will bring some zen right into my day! With just 4 ingredients, it is quick and easy to make. The best part about it is that it is HEALTHY too! (more…)

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Berry Beet Smoothie

beet smoothie

Smoothies are delicious because they are so sweet. So what can be better than hiding some vegetables in that sweetness?

I drink many smoothies a week. In order to incorporate some more vegetables into my diet, my plan is to hide the vegetables into my fruit smoothies without tasting them. This Berry Beet Smoothie does a great job of that! Two carrots and one beet is hidden under the façade of apple and strawberries. With the added protein from the almond milk I added as well, this is definitely an all-around healthy smoothie that tastes great. (more…)

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Banana Apple Coconut Protein Smoothie



Smoothies are all the rage these days. There are not many better than this one! Whether you drink it for a healthy breakfast, a SUPERCHARGED protein pre/post workout shake, or just a darn good snack, this smoothie will pack a punch full of nutrients and vitamins.  6 ingredients are needed to make it.     Gluten Free. 

Health Benefits:


Coconut Milk= Medium-Chain Fatty Acids (the good ones)

Banana = Potassium

Almond Butter= Protein


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Mango Chili Smoothie

mango chili Smoothie

Seems like an unlikely pair, but let me tell you how super this Mango Chili Smoothie is! The ancho chili powder supplies the heat and the mango supplies the sweet in this unique smoothie!

The idea comes from the many Mexican students I have, bringing in snacks of mango slices dusted with chili powder. For years I have seen this snack in my classroom, and refused many offers to try it.  Just the other day though, I tried a slice.  IT WAS SO DELICIOUS!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe that I have not been tasting this goodness for so much time!  I had a mango that I needed to use up, and I was craving the snack, so I decided to make a Mango Chili Smoothie! You have to try it!  (more…)

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Green, Clean Smoothie

green, clean smoohie

This morning when I woke up, I was craving something, green, clean, and healthy for breakfast.  I decided to throw together a smoothie that was green, but that didn’t taste like dirt. I think I managed to compose the perfect green, clean smoothie!  Made with 6 ingredients, this smoothie is healthy, easy to make, and quite delicious! I am going to work this in my breakfast repertoire!  (more…)

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Berry Fruity Smoothie

berry fruity smoothie

Today, I celebrated the being in the sunshine with a “Berry Fruity Smoothie”.  The cold here in NY finally seems to be breaking!  I savored the strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, and coconut milk in this healthy shake.  I hope to enjoy more warm days like this one, sipping on delicious smoothies! (more…)

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