It’s time to wake your face up from the hibernation of winter!  Get ready for spring with this DIY Home Facial.  You will feel like you just walked out of the spa. One of the greatest differences though, you will have much more money left in your pocket. Jason Apricot Scrubble, Beauty Without Cruelty Herbal Facial Cleanser , Beauty Without Cruelty Facial Moisturizer, and a relaxing hot towel treatment with Lavender Young Living Essential Oil are all the things necessary to have beautiful, glowing skin this season.

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Apricot Scrubble

Slough off dead skin cells from your face to reveal a glowing layer. I love this exfoliating cleanser because it is gentle enough to not scratch your skin, but coarse enough to really do a great job. The Scrubble is free of any petrolatum, sodium lauryl, sulfates, parabens or phthalates.

Beauty Without Cruelty Herbal Cleanser


Follow the Apricot cleaner with an herbal cleanser wash to moisturize your skin. BWC Herbal Cream Facial Cleanser is a light, creamy, soap-free cleanser that delicately removes daily impurities without stripping the oils off of your skin. This cleanser is paraben free, soap free, pH Balanced, vegetarian, cruelty free, and  no synthetic or engineered fragrance.

Hot Towel Lavender Treatment


Heat a wet towel in the microwave or in a pot of hot water. Make sure it is not too hot for your face. Drop 2 to 3 drops of lavender Young Living Essential Oil on the hot towel and drape it over your face. Allow the warmth to open up your pores and clarify your skin. Allow the scent of lavender to soothe and calm you.


Beaty Without Cruelty Facial Moisturizer


The Beauty Without Cruelty Facial Moisturizer is one of the best I’ve ever used. It is rich and emollient, but not oily.  Aloe vera, rosehips and Shea Butter moisturize, replenish and smooth skin to leave my skin soft and smooth. It has vitamin C and COq 10 which are amazing for your skin. Vitamin C and COq 10 are said to help decrease wrinkles and improve skin that has been damaged by UV rays.  This is 100% vegetarian and provides 17 spf sun protection.

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8 Comments on DIY Home Facial

  1. This is a really great combo to really give your face a spa day…at home! I tried this and my skin felt and looked great for weeks! Then I knew it was time to do it again. Each of these products are great to add in to your daily regimen as well. Thanks for the tips, little miss dexterous!

  2. Jason products are always great, and this combination is a formidable rival for the treatment at a facial spa. The lavender hot towel was the “icing” on the cake! Thank you for your wonderful site!

  3. I’m known for not having the inclination or patience to pamper myself, but I found the combination of the Apricot Scrubble followed by the lavender towel to be both energizing and relaxing. Looking forward to trying more of these products and maybe learning to spoil myself a little more often!

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