Fall Festivals: Find A Fall Festival Near You! There is always a festival to be found to celebrate the autumn season. Here's how to find the perfect one!

Fall Festivals: Find A Fall Festival Near You!

Although I will miss the summer season, the fall season is just around the corner here in New York. Some of the greatest things I love about this season are the spectacular views you get as the leaves change color,  eating apples and pumpkins, and the many festivals and fairs that take place this time of year. Regardless if you have colorful leaves, apples, or pumpkins in your region, there is always a great festival to be found to celebrate the season. Whether you’re staying local or traveling somewhere far, you can always find an event that will capture your interests- Festivals highlighting beer, wine, food, apples, pumpkins, hot air balloons, chocolate, pickles, etc….. There’s something out there for everyone! How do you find these festivals? Finding a fall festival is quite easy….

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Groupon has made it SO easy to find a Fall Festival near you, or where ever you might be going.  It is my “go to” resource to not only find a festival or event, but also TONS of deals to be found in the surrounding area.  For example,  I was just browsing their list of festivals and discovered The Adirondack Balloon Festival will be taking place in a few weeks.  I didn’t know the festival even existed until I saw it on a Groupon list.  I AM SO EXCITED! I have always wanted to go to one, and this one is only a few hours away.  I’ll definitely be planning the trip! What’s adding more to my excitement is that fact that I am finding deals left-and-right on restaurants, lodging, and other events happening in the Adirondacks that I can save on through Groupon too! Who doesn’t like saving some money? That means extra for me to spend on something else!

Now it’s time for YOU to find a festival to go to! Click below to find a Fall Festival near you!

Editorial: Fall Fests

Then, search the area that the festival is in to get GREAT deals on tons of things to suit your needs.

Be sure to comment below and tell me what you found and where you are going! I am always excited to hear about adventures to be had!

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  1. we have just gone into Springtime here. Fall is my fav season though it is so pretty with all the changing leaves. Still it’s nice to have the weather warming up here now and see the blossom. #meetupmonday