Your face is always being battered by the environment. Here are tips to revive, moisturize, and protect your face to allow it to show its healthy glow!

Ways to Keep Skin Hydrated and Healthy {during cold winter weather}

Protecting your skin from the elements can be quite tricky. Whether it’s the heat and sun of summer, or the cold and wind of winter, your face is always being battered by the environment. Often times the skin on your face can look dry, dull, and even gray. Here are some tips to revive, moisturize, and protect the skin on your face to allow it to show its healthy glow.  Thank you Block Island Organics for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

Stay Hydrated

It’s quite obvious in the summer and warmer temperatures to stay hydrated.  However, it is often forgotten that you need to stay hydrated in colder and dryer temperatures. Here in New York during the winter, the temperature often hovers around the freezing point.  Many people don’t realize that even though it may be cold out and you don’t sweat,  you are losing moisture through your skin and lungs with every breath you take. If you are exerting yourself, you can be losing a large amount of moisture and not even realize it. Losing this moisture can often leave you dehydrated without even knowing it. This dehydrates the skin as well, leaving it looking drawn and wrinkly.  It is essential that you hydrate and drink water. Water will keep your skin looking plump, resilient, bright, and healthy.



Stay Moisturized and Use Sunscreen Everyday

Often times in colder weather, the air is very dry.  My earth-science-teacher husband Mike, often gives me lessons on how colder air cannot call very much moisture. 🙂  This lack of moisture in the air can often dry out skin leaving it red and chapped if not protected. Since it is colder weather, many people don’t realize that that sun can still damage your skin with UV rays. The sun still is out all day!  If you are spending time where theirs Protecting your skin during the day with a good moisturizer that includes sunscreen is super important to keep in your skin healthy.  A really great choice for an all natural, cruelty- free moisturizer is one from Block Island Organics. Natural Face Moisturizer SPF 30.  It is a very rich cream that doesn’t feel heavy on your face,  yet will protect it from all the elements. You can grab a bottle yourself for 20% at Block Island Organics using coupon code “Taras”. I am 100% in support of this company as they are a small family-owned business that does not use animal testing, synthetic-chemicals, or environmentally unfriendly practices to make their products.


Replenish Moisture and Soothe Skin with DIY Wrinkle Cream at Night

If you are like me, you probably wash your face each night before bed.  While washing your face obviously removes dirt, many cleansers can also remove necessary oils needed to keep skin healthy.  Allow your skin to heal, get soothed, smoothed, and lock in moisture with my homemade DIY All Natural Wrinkle Cream.  Loaded with healthy oils, this cream is SURE to make your skin shine! The addition of Young Living frankincense, lemon, and lavender essential oils promotes smooth beautiful skin!

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles naturally with this DIY Natural Wrinkle Cream. With just a few simple ingredients, your skin can be smooth and soothed!


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