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LATE Thursday evening, I was able to combine the pans of sap on my stove into two 5 quart soup pots.  This would allow me to finish it inside, out of the SNOW, and with the control I need of the heat for finishing the sap into syrup!  Friday night was a fun boiling night!

boiling syrup

It boiled down inside for about two hours. The temperature has to reach 219° to become the syrup consistency.  It has to watched very carefully as it is nearing the finish because it can boil over in an instant.  BOY, IS IT MESSY WHEN IT DOES THAT!

syrup temperature

Once it has reached temperature, and the syrup is aproning (dripping) properly off of a spoon, it can be poured into sterilized bottles. First it goes through a special wool filter to remove sediment and particulates that were boiled out of the sap.  Then, I pour it through cheese cloth and into bottles.

filling jars with syrup

The process took a long time.  There was a BIG learning curve in how to build a hot fire inside of this stove.  There were 25+ mph winds on 2 or 3 of the days I was boiling.  There was rain on one of the days as well. However, every last minute of boiling and making syrup was AMAZING!  I just built a fire and I am starting to boil batch # 2. My niece and nephew are coming today to see the process.  This is so exciting!

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