Traveling in Japan: Join Me On My Tour of Japan

tour of japan

In June 2008, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Japan.  While I was there, I kept a digital journey of my adventures in order to keep in touch with my students, friends, and family.  While 2008 was 7 years ago, I wanted to share this once-in-a lifetime experience with you in hopes it can inspire others to go out and explore! Have fun and enjoy the trip to Japan!


Beet, Goat Cheese, and Candied Pecan Salad

beet salad

This  Beet, Goat Cheese, and Candied Pecan Salad  is one of the BEST tasting salads I have ever had!  I used fresh roasted beets that I got from my CSA.  I made the candied pecans in about 20 minutes. (These pecans are RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS and so quick to make!!!)   It is my go to salad making something fancy for a dinner party, because it is SO easy to throw together and looks great.  (more…)

Summer Gear for Hiking with Dogs


Yay! Dexter has finally recovered from his 2 knee operations that has kept him calm (or at least tried with everything I had in me) for the last 9 months!   The poor guy is only 2 1/2.  WELL, lets just say he is ramped up and ready to go!  We can finally start hitting the trail again which is what he loves to do most! Here is some MUST HAVE Summer Gear for Hiking with Dogs.  Hiking isn’t fun, or sometimes safe, without it!  (more…)

Berry Beet Smoothie

beet smoothie

Smoothies are delicious because they are so sweet. So what can be better than hiding some vegetables in that sweetness?

I drink many smoothies a week. In order to incorporate some more vegetables into my diet, my plan is to hide the vegetables into my fruit smoothies without tasting them. This Berry Beet Smoothie does a great job of that! Two carrots and one beet is hidden under the façade of apple and strawberries. With the added protein from the almond milk I added as well, this is definitely an all-around healthy smoothie that tastes great. (more…)

{Healthier} Dutch Pancake with Strawberries and Blueberries

dutch pancake

Pictures of Dutch pancakes have caught my eye recently. What is a Dutch Pancake you ask? It is a big, fluffy, baked, pan, cake! I looked up some recipes because I was dying to make one, but all of the recipes seemed a bit too heavy and rich for me.  I worked my “kitchen magic” and combined parts of many recipes I came across, and I came up with a DELICIOUS {Healthier} Dutch Pancake with Strawberries and Blueberries recipe.  You have to try this!!!  (more…)

Vegetable Spring Rolls with Thai Peanut Sauce

Spring Rolls

Thailand is a country I cannot wait to visit. However it is not on the “travel” radar in the immediate future. Someday soon though ….

In order to to send satiate the desire to travel there, I can at least bring Thailand into my kitchen with these Vegetable Spring Rolls and Thai peanut sauce. I acquired a version of this recipe through a friend named Cathy Law, many years ago. I change the recipe frequently, depending on the ingredients I have at hand.  Trust me when I say that these spring rolls are really easy to make, and they will become one of your favorite dishes EVER!  (more…)

Sautéed Beet Greens with Garlic Scapes

beet greens

I am so excited.  Yesterday was the first pick up of my fruits and veggies from my CSA!  I picked up some beets, carrots, strawberries, garlic scapes, and 2 huge bunches of asparagus.  YUM!! I decided to try making the beet greens, getting the idea from the news letter I receive each week.  I changed it up a bit to include the garlic scapes instead of regular garlic cloves.  IT WAS SO GOOD!  I am hooked!  (more…)

Mango Coconut Ice Pops

mango icepops

Today it was about 90 degrees here in NY! I really wanted to indulge with some ice cream, or ice pops- but eat healthy at the same time . I decided to make some virtually guilt-free Mango Coconut Ice Cream Pops. These pops surpassed my expectations for ice cream by a long shot! With 3 simple ingredients, these are RIDICULOUSLY easy to make and are actually healthy for you! Now you can enjoy decadent, creamy, pops, and not think much about it! (more…)

Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie

chocolate banana protein smoothie

In the mood for something chocolate today, I threw together a few simple ingredients to make a magnificent Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie.  It was chocolatey, but also really healthy! You probably have these ingredients already in your home!  So go ahead, indulge!  (more…)

Air Plants- Wedding Favor and Place Card Ideas


wedding favorsMany months ago, I attended a wedding for my two friends, Hillary and Paul.  It was an elegant affair that took placed in a beautiful farm house, right in the Catskill Mountains of NY.  Hillary teaches microscopy, and Paul is a rock climber.  They are both lovers of nature and of the outdoors.  To incorporate these themes, they had the unique idea of using rocks for the place cards, and Air Plants as the wedding favors.  WHAT A GREAT IDEA! It was so refreshing to be able to take home favors that are useful and that carry on the memory of such a happy occasion! (more…)

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