Father’s Day Grooming Kit

Father's Day Grooming Kit

Father’s Day is coming!  If you are anything like me, I NEVER know what to get my dad!  Either I feel like he already has everything, or I feel like I get him the same thing every single year! This Father’s Day will be different. I am so excited to make and give my dad the Father’s Day Grooming Trio. I have recently made DIY Shaving Cream,  DIY After Shave, and DIY Beard Balm (which is also good for taming mere whiskers and stubble too).  I know for a fact that he doesn’t have THESE products yet!!!!  I am also excited to be able to MAKE my dad his gift because I feel that it is coming straight from my heart! I am also excited to be able to introduce him to the health and aromatherapy benefits of the Young Living Essential Oils I used to scent the products!  I really hope he loves it.  My dad is the best! (more…)

DIY Shaving Cream for Smooth and Healthy Skin

This DIY Shaving Cream is the best! It softens and soothes skin.Young Living Essential Oils are used to scent the cream and adds healing properties as well.

What’s so great about DIY Shaving Cream? So many things!…Ridding your body care products of as many synthetic and possibly harmful chemicals can actually enhance the health of your skin. Blue and Pink gels that are scented with lab-created smells don’t appeal to me- in so many ways.  Another reason is that making your own DIY Shaving Cream saves you money! Who doesn’t like doing that? For a fraction of the cost for a store-bought can, you can make the same amount and save your change for later!  For soft, moisturized, healthy skin, take a few minutes and whip yourself up a fluffy batch. It’s so easy to do…. (more…)

Guess What This Is….. Contest #2

thingsLast week, many of you know that I posted one of my sister’s photographs for a contest. Pam Grafstein is her name! I asked you all to guess what it was. It was easier than I thought.  It was a close-up of colored pencils. There were some really great guesses though – markers, fabric bolts, piano keys…. I loved it!

Today I am posting this new picture of hers. I can’t wait to see what guesses there are this week! I will reveal the answer at the end of the week!

Please be sure to check out her site to see her amazing work.





DIY After Shave- All Natural and Easy to Make


Who wants a face that feels like a piece of sandpaper after a shave???  I am pretty sure EVERYONE would answer “NO” to that question!  I decided to make a chemical-free, soothing, DIY After Shave for my husband’s shaved face.  He would often say that he wanted something natural to soothe his skin after using a razor.  This after shave works to soften and soothe his skin! The blend of 6 simple ingredients acts as an antiseptic and helps to revitalize skin to a healthy state. Check out how easy it is to make….. (more…)

Avocado Cheddar Sandwich

avocado cheddar

What’s better than eating cheddar cheese, ripe avocado slices, greens, and crusty bread all  individually?  Eating them all together in one of the greatest  Avocado Cheddar Sandwiches EVER!  There’s a café close to the place I work that introduced me to this sandwich. However, it is rare that I have the time to leave my building to get such a treat.  I decided to make my own sandwich so that I could have it any time I wanted!  What’s even better, I can save about $6.00 by making it on my own!  It is simple, quick, and easy  to make. It is healthy as well! (more…)

Low Maintenance Ground Cover Plants



I have been doing a ton of beautification work in my yard lately since the warmer weather has arrived here in NY!  I have a huge front and back yard that requires quite a bit of time to care for.  Therefore, I am always looking for new (and low maintenance) perennials to plant in order to save some time.  There are a few places that I want covered with greenery, but that I don’t want to do anything else to.  I have found some ground cover plants that do just that!  “Plant and forget”!  These plants are super tolerant, which means Dexter (my “furbaby”) won’t get in trouble when walking on them because they are trample resistant! See the plants…. (more…)

Mango Chili Smoothie

mango chili Smoothie

Seems like an unlikely pair, but let me tell you how super this Mango Chili Smoothie is! The ancho chili powder supplies the heat and the mango supplies the sweet in this unique smoothie!

The idea comes from the many Mexican students I have, bringing in snacks of mango slices dusted with chili powder. For years I have seen this snack in my classroom, and refused many offers to try it.  Just the other day though, I tried a slice.  IT WAS SO DELICIOUS!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe that I have not been tasting this goodness for so much time!  I had a mango that I needed to use up, and I was craving the snack, so I decided to make a Mango Chili Smoothie! You have to try it!  (more…)

Mexican Style Sole with Citrus Lime

Mexican Sole

Today I decided to make Mexican Style Sole with Citrus Lime.  It was DELICIOUS!  Super fresh, crisp, and healthy too!  Great for an outdoor meal on the deck, with a nice glass of white wine. Another great thing about it was that it was so easy to make! The sole is seasoned with garlic, lime zest, and poached in freshly squeezed orange juice. Ahh….so light! (more…)

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