YAKTRAX…. Don’t slip and fall anymore!

Don’t slip in the ice and snow anymore!!!!


I am not sponsored by Yaktraxs IN ANYWAY!!!! I am just sharing something that I use, and that I think can help people stay safe!   The other day, a colleague of mine explained to me how he slipped on the ice in his driveway. He said he had fallen a few other times too, and that he was sick of hitting the ground! Then it hit ME….. He needed a pair of Yaktrax, and he would not fall again!  Yaktrax are rubber “nets”  with steel coils on the the bottom that fit over any pair of shoes to prevent slipping.   I ordered him a pair right away as a small gift    (he helps me at work sooooo much!). They arrived 2 days later. Voila! No more slipping and sliding!


Piña Colada Smoothie- Take a trip to the tropics!

Pina Colada Smoothie
Pina Colada Smoothie

Is the winter weather making you blue? Well, if you want to heat yourself up, make this Piña Colada Smoothie.  You will be transported immediately to the beach of your dreams, soaking in the sun’s rays, and relaxing with your feet in the sand!    This recipe uses 5 simple ingredients. Your mouth and your body will be happy!


Frozen Pumpkin KONG- Dexter’s Pick of the Week!

Calling all pooch owners! 
One of Dexter’s favorite things in life is getting a frozen pumpkin stuffed KONG every morning before we leave for work. It’s one of my favorite things to give him as well because it is healthy, low calorie,  and simple!
I have two kongs in rotation, so every couple of days I stuff the KONGS with organic pumpkin and freeze them. I use other fillings as well, to allow Dexter some variation!

Frozen Pumpkin KONG
Frozen Pumpkin KONG

I just finished using all of the squash and pumpkin that I roasted  over the fall and froze, so now I order this pumpkin from Amazon.. The great thing about these frozen KONGS is that it takes him about 15 to 20 minutes to lick out all of the pumpkin. It serves as a great distraction when we leave for work , as well as tire him out !   It is SOOOOO hilarious to watch him go out it, and then crash.


Other fillings I use are: peanut butter and broken up treats, sweet potato puree, and canned wet food.

[amazon asin=B000VK5VQW&template=iframe image][amazon asin=B0002AR0II&template=iframe image]