Shrimp and Lime Avocado Tacos

shrimp tacos

Last night I was in the mood for something “springy”.  I was craving something light and fresh.  I decided to make Shrimp and Lime Avocado Tacos. They were delicious, and extremely easy to make.  My taste buds were happy because of  the crispness of the perfect lime “bite” coupled with the creamy avocado texture! The whole meal took about 15 minutes to cook (plus the marinading).  It is amazing that something this good is so super healthy!  (more…)

Essential Oil Support for Athletes

Young Living oils for athletes'

Athletes, you train hard. You rest and recover.  The process continues and you overuse parts of your body all of the time. What you put in and on your body is important to you since it your most important tool.  Nurture your body with natural products to help with ailments from this overuse.   (more…)

Young Living Essential Oil Toothpicks

YL Toothpicks

A while back, I used to buy Tea Tree Toothpicks from the health food store.  I like (and sometimes need) a gum alternative , so these are the perfect thing to keep with me in my bag. Who doesn’t like a fresh mouth???? Today, I saw them at the store, and I gasped at how expensive they were!  I decided that I would return home, and make my own toothpicks…. for 1/4 of the cost!!!!  They were ridiculously easy to make.  You only need 2 things to make them.  A MUST HAVE! (more…)

Green, Clean Smoothie

green, clean smoohie

This morning when I woke up, I was craving something, green, clean, and healthy for breakfast.  I decided to throw together a smoothie that was green, but that didn’t taste like dirt. I think I managed to compose the perfect green, clean smoothie!  Made with 6 ingredients, this smoothie is healthy, easy to make, and quite delicious! I am going to work this in my breakfast repertoire!  (more…)

Lemon Poppy Baked Donuts

FINALLY, what  beautiful weather we are having here in NY today!   I wanted to celebrate the coming of spring with something just as bright and light! Lemon Poppy Baked Donuts are the perfect way!  These donuts are SO easy to make, healthy, and are delicious. Using lemon Young Living Essential Oil helps gives these muffins the perfect flavor! They certainly are as light and bright as the sun shining today!  (more…)

Young Living Essential Oils for Dogs

Did you know you can use Young Living Essential Oils for Dogs? Check out how you can use them to treat your dog naturally and the health benefits they have!

Did you know that you can use Young Living Essential Oils on your Dog???

You heard that right!   If you are looking to use natural remedies and supplement their health naturally, then take a look at how to use these oils to benefit your pooch!  I have been using Young Living Oils with my dog Dexter and LOVING the results! From minor ailments to well-being, these oils help Dexter live an active, healthy lifestyle.  (more…)

DIY Body Butter

body butter

My skin has been very dry and rough with the change of seasons.  I’m also running out of my favorite body butter. I decided to make a DIY Body Butter. I am so happy I did. It was easy to do, cost-effective, and I used Lavender Young Living Essential Oils to scent my moisturizer (which made it smell AMAZING!).  I’ve been using it for a few days now, and I will probably never buy lotion again. I think I have a new favorite.  If you want soft, smooth, healthy skin, then make this easy moisturizer! (more…)

Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Oils


Do you have your Young Living Essential Oil Starter Premium Kit yet?  There are so many ways to use Young Living Essential Oils!  I love using them in skin care and beauty products, in recipes, for cleaning, and on minor aliments of my dog and family. The uses are endless! (more…)

Ways to Use Essential Oil Sprays (classroom and home)

Want to rid your world of synthetic chemicals? Here are some Ways to Use Essential Oil Sprays in the classroom and at home! SO easy!

There are several Ways to use Essential Oil Sprays in the classroom (or at home).   Whether it’s cleaning, calming, energizing, focusing, or freshening up, there is an oil that can be made into a spray to get the job done!   It is so easy to make using just 3 ingredients.  These sprays are healthy and safe to use, unlike many of the commercial sprays you can purchase at the store.  They are extremely cost-effective too.  Here are ways to use Young Living Essential Oils and make sprays…. ESSENTIAL OIL SPRAYS (more…)

Healthy Paws- The BEST Pet Health Insurance


healthy paws

If you have a pet, there is no denying that expenses can add up at the veterinarian’s office. To many of us who own dogs and cats, they are not even considered pets, but as family members instead. Dexter, my dog, is my kid!  A happily spoiled kid, that I want to give the very best of everything if possible!  That’s why I have Healthy Paws pet insurance for him.  I don’t ever want to be in a position where I have to think about giving him health care because it can be prohibitively expensive! He is 90lb, active, 2-year old, black lab. Unfortunately, genetics have played a role in him needing both “CCL”s in his knees repaired (“ACL” in humans). We are talking $10K in surgeries in 6 months. Healthy Paws made it possible to receive 90% of that cost back within DAYS of submitting the claim. Some people say having health insurance for your pets is crazy.  I say- not having it is crazier! I am not sponsored by them in any way, I just want to refer you to Healthy Paws Pet Insurance.  I just feel the need to share! (more…)

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