scented sweat bands

Let’s face it….Everyone has had the experience of standing next to, or working out next to someone who doesn’t smell so… fresh. Maybe you have been that person!  During a workout, or on a hot and humid 90 degree day, help yourself self (and others out) by wearing a sweat wrist band scented with Young Living Essential Oils! Enjoy some health benefits while you are at it! 

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Peppermint, Lemon, and Purification, are great choices of oils to use.  Not only will they help you by smelling GREAT, they may help to inspire energy, enhance attention, and increase focus! Lemon and Peppermint will wake you right up! Purification is great for combatting odors!  What’s is even better, bugs HATE these scents, so will act as bug repellent too if you are outside! Click HERE to find out how to order these oils.

All you need to do is use 2-3 drops of Young Living Essential Oils on a sweat wristband, and VOILA ! You can order sweat bands HERE on

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