Replace Dog Toy Squeakers! Perform Dog Toy Squeaker Surgery in your own home! Replace dead squeakers in chewed up dog toys extremely inexpensively.

This morning, my house turned into an operating room.  I played “Dog Toy Surgeon”. My patients had all been chewed up, in some way shape or form. I worked on closing up many wounds, giving organ transplants, and making sure the toys could live again!   You can be a surgeon too! Replace the squeakers in your dogs chewed up toys and save bundles of money and time. Keep your dog as content as can be within minutes.  Your pooch will thank you! 

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If you own a dog, you know how expensive dog toys can be. A small toy these days can cost over $10.  I have seen toys that were on sale for $30 THAT’S SO RIDICULOUS! You know very well that, sometimes in minutes, that your dog will tear that toy apart like there’s no tomorrow.  (Dexter can rip up a toy and rip out the squeaker in a matter of seconds.)   I got sick of throwing money down the drown.  I recently bought a bag of squeakers. I paid less than I would spend to buy one dog toy. If you can use a needle and thread, you can be a surgeon too! All you need to do is re-stuff the fluff, bury the squeaker in the fluff, and sew the hole closed. It doesn’t have to be pretty.  Don’t worry- Fido won’t judge your work.  Dexter doesn’t seem to mind that some of his toys might be missing arms, legs, faces, or bodies. I cut off the parts that are too destroyed to mend.  All he cares about is throwing that toy around and ripping it up again sometime in the future.

As long as it squeaks, your pup will be happy!   A good dog, is a tired dog.

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11 Comments on Replace Dog Toy Squeakers- Be a Dog Toy Surgeon

  1. I never knew you could buy these like this. I have to sew up my dogs toys often and figure that when he gets the squeaky out, he’s out of luck. Now I can make the toys last longer – thanks for the info! 🙂