Follow these 3 easy steps for a DIY Summer Leg Makeover. The best part is that you make your own products in minutes and get seriously amazing looking legs!

Let’s face it ladies. The struggle is real. Getting those legs back in shape to show in the summer. Living in the northeast like I do,  my legs haven’t seen the outdoors since last October!  It’s been a long winter. Before I can even think about leg exposure, I need to give them a little bit A LOT of love. Follow these three easy steps for a DIY Summer Leg Makeover.  The best part about this makeover is that you can make your own natural products in minutes and get some seriously amazing looking legs!

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The first step to a DIY Summer Leg Makeover is exfoliation.  Exfoliation is the removal of dead, dry skin cells to reveal the healthier skin cells underneath.  When all the dull, flakey skin cells are removed, the skin on your legs will look smooth, bright, and radiant.  I make and use this DIY Lemongrass Rosemary Salt Scrub to slough off what I call the “winter mess”.  It takes seconds to prepare, contains no synthetic-chemicals, and brings my skin back to life INSTANTLY!  The scrub contains natural oils and minerals to make your skin glow!

Pamper yourself with this DIY Lemongrass and Rosemary Salt Scrub! It takes minutes to make and will make you feel as though you just left the spa.

After exfoliation, the second step in achieving AMAZING Summer Legs is giving yourself a smooth, close shave.  Exfoliation allows for an absolutely clean, smooth slate to get the closest shave possible.  I make and use this DIY Moisturizing Shaving Cream in minutes.  I loaded it up with several moisturizing oils and ingredients that leave my legs feeling as soft as baby’s skin!  The use of essential oils in this recipe works with your skin to soothe, smooth, and seal in moisture.  You will LOVE the way your legs feel after a shave!

This DIY Shaving Cream is the best! It softens and soothes skin.Young Living Essential Oils are used to scent the cream and adds healing properties as well.


Step 3– Lock in all some serious moisture with this DIY All Natural Whipped Body Cream.   Although the DIY Shaving Cream contains a serious dose of moisturizing ingredients, seal it in with this super creamy body butter.  Whip it up in literally minutes (😜 ).  Shea butter and Coconut Oil, as well as the use of a blend of essential oils, creates a barrier for the skin to keep moisture in.  Your legsl will literally GLOW after massaging in this DIY Body Cream.

This DIY All Natural Body Cream is rich & decadent. Combat dry, flakey skin with this incredibly creamy formula. It is all natural and very easy to make.


I am NOT to be held responsible for you, or others you know, touching your legs after this DIY Summer Leg Makeover! They will be looking so darn good, it might be hard to resist! 🙂   Enjoy!

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  1. It’s that time of the year to actually shave my legs. Lol. Thanks for the tips and recipes.