Join me on my 10 day trip around the Ring Road in Iceland. Words alone can not describe the beauty of this dramatic landscape. Here's our itinerary...I literally just returned from a trip to Iceland hours ago. I don’t even know where to start…  Words alone can not describe the dramatic and majestic splendor of the landscape I experienced, in conjunction with the inherent respect and awe for the smallest details of the nature.  I have traveled to 20 countries so far, and Iceland-  by far, is one of the most beautiful and inspirational places I have ever been to.  I traveled with my husband and 5 other close friends around the Ring Road which circles the country.  Albeit only a 10 day journey,  a mere fraction of the lifetime you can spend in Iceland and still not see it all, we got to see and experience such a variety of what the country has to offer.    I know one thing for sure as I try to process what I saw on this amazing trip….  Iceland-  I will see you again soon. Ég mun sjá þig aftur fljótlega….. Here’s our 10 day journey around Iceland, aka Niceland….. (more…)

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