Get your pooch's paws ready to take on the elements!Use this DIY PUP PAW CREAM to help pads and paws stay moisturized and safe! Great for summer or winter!

Winter will be here soon, and Dexter’s will be ready to take on the elements! Each year, winter conditions reek havoc on his pads and paws.  Each morning before going to work, Dex gets a walk.  The salt from the road often dries the bottom of his pads, sometimes causing cracks and discomfort. After work, Dex usually gets to romp around in the woods and on the trails, and that has its own issues.  If it is snowy and icy, snow balls up in between his toes and his feet get cold and painful.  This DIY PUP PAW CREAM prevents all of that!  With the use of a few ingredients, a protective, moisturizing barrier is formed, keeping Dexter’s paws safe and healthy! (more…)

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