I changed Dexter's food to The Honest Kitchen brand, a dehydrated "raw" diet, and it changed his/ our WORLD! I need to share this information with you!

If you know me, you know Dexter, my dog. He is my world! I love my furbaby, and will do anything to make him the happiest/ healthiest pup around. About 8 months ago though, I addressed persistent problems that were occurring and driving Dex MAD!!! He seemed to have constant ear infections (yeast), “frito feet” (yeasty paws), itchy/ dry skin, and an itchy back end. My vet Heather O’Leary told me that all these problems would most likely be eliminated by changing his nutrition to a raw diet- something I was completely intimidated to do. I changed his food to The Honest Kitchen (THK) brand, a dehydrated “raw” diet, and it truly changed his/ our WORLD! I need to share this information with you! 

***Before I go any further, please let me disclose that I contacted THK, and asked them how I can get involved in sharing their products that I have fallen in love with!   I joined the Ambassador Program in order to share my experiences with the products I use.  I believe in THK products, wholeheartedly, in so many ways.  As an Ambassador, I am able to take classes that teach me about canine nutrition and healthy treats that will benefit Dexter.  I do not receive any income for sharing.  All I receive are loyalty points for sharing, and that benefits DEXTER with some additional treats when enough points are accrued.  Even if I wasn’t an Ambassador, I would share this information ANYWAY!!!!!!  🙂

Here’s our story:

Before addressing Dexter’s itches and yeast issues with my vet, he was on a popular, high-end, minimal ingredient, grain-free kibble.  I thought that having him on such a good food was what necessary to eliminate all his issues,  WRONG!   Although high quality, that food was still processed and ultimately, was the root of most of Dexter’s irritations.  He also needed to lose a few pounds.  He had had 2 ACL surgeries (called CCL in dogs) and a 3rd surgery to repair a torn meniscus.  Recovery for these 3 surgeries packed on pounds due to inactivity.

My vet suggested that I put Dex on an unprocessed, raw diet to remedy these issues.  YIKES!!!  I was completely intimidated by the flurry of dollar signs and my lack of meat skills (I’m a pescatarian) that entered my mind! She mentioned that an intermediate step would be putting him on a “raw” dehydrated diet.  I agreed to that! I would do ANYTHING for Dexter Doodles….

My first box of Embark-  Grain Free Turkey Food arrived.  In the box was 10 lbs of dehydrated food.  I added one scoop full of the food to Dex’s bowl, added one scoop of water, stirred, and after 1-2 minutes, dinner was ready.  I saw chunks of apple, potato, spinach, carrots, and other veggies in the mixture. I tapered his kibble intake at each meal for about 2 days until I reached the full allotment of Embark I was supposed to feed all  96 lbs of him.  The transformation of wellness began…..





His reaction to THK was unbelievable in so many ways.  Initially, he went absolutely BONKERS over this food!  Before I could set his bowl down in his stand, he would cry, prance, and headbutt the bowl.  This reaction was new for him.  He LOVED this food!!!!!!!!!!!   I can’t say that enough! He LOVED it!   He ate the entire bowl each time it was set down even went back several times after to lick the bowl to make sure every last bit was eaten.  He even checked several hours later, just to be sure!   He still acts like this 8 months later. It makes me happy that he enjoys this so much.


The results have been SO amazing:

  •  Almost all of Dex’s itchy itches are GONE!
  • There hasn’t been ONE issue with his ears.
  • His paws have been either completely void of itchies, or substantially reduced of the irritations.  (I battle frequent bouts of itchy paws with him because as a lab, he doesn’t stay out of water and puddles.  need to do a better job of drying his paws off after a dip!)
  • His digestive issues and loose poop episodes are non-existent.  Everything comes out FINE! He doesn’t scoot any more. The “piles” that he deposits have decreased in size from the lack of fillers in THK.  That means his body is using SO MUCH of the nutrients in the food.
  • His skin and coat have become SUPER shiny and smooth.
  • Coincidence or not, he has had almost no issues with soreness or stiffness in his knees.  I am willing to bet that this diet of unprocessed food eliminates irritations and inflammation in his  joints.



I am a true believer that The Honest Kitchen food has been the best change that has EVER happened to us!!!  Dexter has never been holistically healthier.  He LOVES his food and variations of flavors he gets.  At first I was skeptical when talking to my vet about making the change.  I am so pleased with everything about this experience.  Yes, the food is slightly more expensive than some other ones out there. However, I have not gone to the vet ONCE in 8 months for ANY problems whatsoever! (Before the change, Dexter was a frequent-flyer at the vet averaging about 2 times a month for various ailments.)

Life is good, The Honest Kitchen is good, and Dexter is doing SO WELL 🙂

If you want to get a  sample bundle of food , please feel free to follow the instructions below by clicking HERE.  All you pay is $1 for shipping!

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13 Comments on The Honest Kitchen food changed my dog’s life…..

    • YAY! Thanks Jenny! I hope your new pup LOVES his new food as much as Dexter does!!!!!💜

  1. Must have been meant to click on your blog post. How old is Dexter? He look so much like our dog it’s almost scarey. Our dog is black lab/border collie and so smart it’s uncanny. Tommy is 7 1/2, we got him at 1 yr. at PetSmart adoption days.
    He is so affectionate also which I adore in him. I’ll be hanging laundry and he’ll come over to me and nudge me with his nose, he wants loves. He does that when I’m on the commode, has sense of humor also.
    Tommy doesn’t seem to have health issues but feel he’d benefit from healthier food. We give him bits of our food too often am sure.
    Dexter is a gorgeous dog. Can understand why you love him so much.
    Our animals are huge part of our lives, hubs and me. We’re seniors who spend great deal of each day with our furry kidz. We have 14 yr. old cat who adopted us in KY. He just showed up and made it clear he was staying so he did. He and Tommy are good buddies from beginning when we first brought Tommy home, Tommy watches out for Monty, is good big brother. We also have 5 chickens which Tommy thinks are his girls. We couldn’t ask for better dog, love him to pieces. Will be ordering this food soon.
    We live few miles west of Grand Junction, CO now, out in country on almost 1/2 acre, love it out here. In Ky we lived out on 1 1/2 acres in country. Before that we lived in MT on 20 acres. Happy week

    • Thanks, JaneEllen ! Dexter turned 3 in February. He’s such a great boy!!! I am sure your furbabies will love this food as much as Dexter! You can get your free sample at http://bit.ly/1REyVN4. Enjoy, and tell me how you like it!

  2. Dexter is gorgeous! I’ll be considering this for my dogs. One of ours has skin irritations also. I didn’t know food could affect it. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday.

    • Thanks SO much Shirley! The change in food eliminated so many issues! Let me know if you have ANY questions! I am so excited!

  3. I have seen so many of my friends’ pets suffer from illness possibly caused by poor quality food so I am delighted that you shared how The Honest Kitchen pet food save your pet’s life at the Healthy Happy Green Natural Party! I’m Pinning and sharing this!

  4. Dexter is so handsome!! I’m so glad the switch has helped him feel better. Looks like an awesome brand, thanks for sharing!

  5. This sounds like really good dog food. I may need to consider that for Spyro because he has itchy issues too. Thank you for sharing about the sample program.