Is Leoteo Store Legit {May} Check The Store’s Review!

Is Leoteo Store Legit {May} Check The Store’s Review! >> Are you interested in buying Furniture from a website that is old but not has much sufficient information? Well, check on your own and decide.

Furniture are one of the essential things in the house. Every house gets its look with the help of Furniture that is built-in. Taking about Leoteo store, it claims to proffer the best and antique Furniture in the United States. This Store helps to design the customers house in the customers choice with a reasonable budget. The items in the Store are beautiful and very special.

Now let’s answer the question that Is Leoteo store Legit? Can people buy items from the Store?

Is Leoteo trustworthy?

And every customer has the right to know about the legitimacy of the Store from which he is going to buy items. Unfortunately, this website is not much popular after having a domain age of 13 years. This website was registered in 2008 and will collapse in the year 2022.

This website shares almost all the contact details to the customer to contact at any time, but it is not appropriate. So it could be said that you could not trust this website and the products of this website.

Specifications of Leoteo store?

By knowing about the specifications, we could easily decide that Is Leoteo store Legit?

  • The website was created in 2008, which has made the website a bit reliant.
  • There are some specific times in which the Store is open. It is opened from 8:30 AM till 4:30 PM.
  • The reviews for this Store are generally not available.
  • The return policy of the Store is from 5 to 10 days.
  • Contact Number- 254730021.
  • The email address of this website is The existence of the Store is for 13 years but still on a non-professional email is suspicious.

Leoteo store Review to check Is Leoteo store Legit?

Customer reviews help a lot in finding if this 13-year-old website is legitimate not. Unfortunately, this Store is not frequently visited by visitors because people like to upgrade their resources and try to buy the items from a trusted website that lasts for a very long time.

The website is not at all popular, and this is because we cannot track many customer reviews. However, after getting all this information, we can quickly answer the question- Is Leoteo store Legit, and we think it’s not.


After getting plenty of information about this Store, we could easily say that the customers must not buy products from this Store. After our research, we could not find customer reviews for the Store. The website has nothing to do with its age, as the 13-year-old website cannot prove its legitimacy.

Have you ever come across any scam done by such an old website? If you’re looking for the refund, check the link below

Let us know the answer in the comment section, and don’t forget to share your opinion on-Is Leoteo store Legit?

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