Bring nature indoors with this DIY Tree Wall Art! Using a few materials easily attainable materials will make it easy to create this striking tree art.


Glancing at the wall in my living room not too long ago, I realized that I needed to fill the space with something big. My decor is very nature oriented and minimal, so naturally, the space needed to be taken up with something that fit the bill! Well, this Tree Art definitely fit the bill as it cost about $20.00 to make! Being new to blogging, I don’t have pictures to share in the step-by step process of making of it. However, follow these steps and you will make something unique and personalized!

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Here’s what you need:

Here’s what you do:

  1. Cut and Lightly sand the plywood to the size and shape you desire. (Home Depot or Lowes gives one cut free)
  2. Stain the plywood according to the directions of the manufacturer.
  3. When dry, use the painter’s tape to create the design you would like to remain to appear as wood.
  4. Paint your plywood sheet, including all edges, using a roller. Use two coats or what ever seems appropriate to the coverage you want.
  5. When dry, remove painter’s tape carefully and VOILA! You have Tree Wall Art!
  6. Secure the picture frame hardware to the back and hang. (Make sure you get the appropriate weight for your board)

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28 Comments on DIY- Tree Wall Art

  1. Sorry, forgot to ask, do you cover the back of the wood at all? I have done both, added felt to the back or not, just to keep the wood from scratching the wall. I haven’t had a problem with the non padded wood yet… Just curious on other’s experience.

    • Thanks Audra! I did not cover the back with felt. That’s a great idea though…. It will help keep the wall safe! Thanks!

  2. I love it!!!!! It’s so satisfying to create your own art for the walls. You can smile with pride every time you see it. Well done!

  3. wow too cool! i like starkness and yet it seems alive. Cutting it in two and yet continuing the trees across really gives this tree art a modern touch. Love it! thanks for sharing with the creative challenge!

  4. This is so fabulous! It looks great, too. Thanks for linking up and sharing with us at Funtastic Friday. Please join us later this week for the next party:-)

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