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Do you think it is safe to rub the by-products of crude oil onto a baby’s skin?!?!  Do you want to rub pore-clogging oil over your skin to soothe sore muscles?!?!?   NO WAY!   That’s what you would be slathering down with when using conventional baby oil. The main ingredient in store-bought baby oil is mineral oil- a waste product from the distillation of petroleum.  YUK! This DIY Natural Baby Oil (Massage oil) is all natural, 100% plant based, and SAFE! With the added benefits of using Young Living Essential Oils, it is actually nourishing and soothing to your skin. Slather it on freely….

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There are many choices of natural oils to use to make this DIY Natural Baby Oil (Massage oil).  You can use any of the following oils, depending on your preference:

Sweet Almond Oil – Sweet almond oil is easily absorbed into the skin, incredibly nourishing, and VERY moisturizing.  This oil is friendly to all skin types.

Grapeseed Oil– Grapeseed oil has all the properties of sweet almond oil, but is a little lighter and is known to be used for those with sensitive skin.  It is a great choice to use on baby!

Olive Oil– Extremely nourishing and rich, olive oil is a great moisturizer for skin!

Jojoba Oil– Extremely gentle and moisturizing oil that leaves no sticky or oily residue.

Vitamin E Oil- Helps to soothe, heal, and protect skin and is very moisturizing.

Young Living Essential Oils– Essential Oils are plant based oils that contain properties to soothe, moisturize, and protect skin. I ONLY use Young Living Essential Oils because they are 100% PURE, SAFE (cold-pressed or steam-distilled without chemicals), and they are potent. You can order them HERE.

Here’s what you need to make (almost) 8oz:

* You can substitute any oils from the list above

Here’s what you do:

  1. Add all ingredients into a bottle and mix well!

THAT’S IT!!!!  It is SO easy to make!

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5 Comments on DIY Natural Baby Oil (Massage oil)

  1. With all of the news about the harmful toxins in conventional, store-bought baby oil which is basically mineral oil (as you said, a waste product from the distillation of petroleum), it is vitally important for us to make our own safe, natural baby oil. In fact, we should spread the word to all mothers to make and use this safe, healthy alternative. I like to use almond and coconut oil along with essential oils for my body care needs. Thank you for sharing this natural beauty recipe at the Healthy Happy Green & Natural Party. I’m pinning and sharing.

  2. Wonderful recipe,I love chemical free products and I think we all should look more what we use on our skin, especially on our baby.
    I liked your recipe so I chose it as my favorite for this week’s Turn It Up Tuesday party.
    Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe with us.